Zach McSwiney


Role: Apprentice Sales Executive

I am based in Leeds and after passing all my exams, I left school last year and joined Leeds City College. I’m currently studying Level 3 Public Services. My hobbies are mostly physical and most of my free time goes into sport or the gym. The sport I most enjoy is Rugby League but I also enjoy football.

I became aware of the apprenticeship scheme when Redcentric came into training one day and talked to us about the scheme. It sounded very interesting and appealing so I decided to take a closer look on the website when I went home.

The apprenticeship scheme attracted me because the job is similar to my dad’s job. I know that he enjoys his job, and we talk about it regularly. Also of course the financial rewards interested me a lot.

I want to achieve a good understanding of the job and be successful by learning the basics well and then adapting my skills to improve.

I’m motivated to learn fast, do well and be successful. I want to be rewarded financially based on my results. The more you achieve, the greater the reward.

My sporting ambition is to become a professional first team player for Leeds Rhinos. This has been what I have wanted to do since I was a child. I first started playing rugby league for Stanningley Rugby Club at the age of 4 and have always wanted to play for Leeds.


The scheme suits me because the Redcentric role relies on skills which correlate with those needed in sport. The skills I have learnt and practised for a long time in Rugby, will help me in my new job role. As the role is flexible around my training times, I can play rugby at Leeds Rhinos and work at Redcentric at the same time.

I would suggest the scheme to other athletes because it gives you a chance to earn well while learning new skills needed for the job. It means athletes can work and at the same time play the sport of rugby league which we all love to do.


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