Luke Binder


Role: Client Account Manager

I’m Harrogate based and left school after GCSEs. Initially I worked in retail before starting a career at Redcentric in the Support function 8 years ago. Hobbies include doing track days in cars and playing the guitar.

Kieran brought the apprenticeship scheme to my attention as I had only just started my sales career after moving from Support.

I want to learn how to apply my technical knowledge in a sales environment and use this to develop a full career.

I like a challenge and I like to have goals to work to both short-term and long-term as well as to earn commission.

I want to work my way up to a Sales Director role.

Most if not all studying is done in business hours, meaning my work/life balance is not affected. You get the benefits of working whilst still getting to study.

This qualification is a great first step for anyone looking to make a career in sales.


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