Role: Operations Manager Cloud Services

How long at Redcentric? 20 years 1 month!!

Over 20 years I’ve worked as Consultant, Project Manager, Service Delivery (Installs), Problem Manager, and Operations Manager – but also hundreds of other smaller jobs that might appear out of remit – and to this day can still wear every hat when necessary.

I’ve seen the business and services evolve and management change, I’ve seen a steady flow of colleagues come and go but also a number that have been here as long and I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with build strong bonds.

I’ve worked on many small and large projects, often at the outset feeling these are too big for us, but each time we deliver and often over delivery against customer expectations.

I would have to say my colleagues are what make Redcentric – I’ve had the pleasure of managing a lot of engineers over my 20 years – many are still direct reports after 5, 10 and 15 years but also good to see many have moved into other roles and teams within the business but having that history and relationship helps build better understanding and working relationships with those teams.

Very varied and seldom does the day finish looking how I have envisaged at the start.

By nature of it being a support based role you can’t predict the issues, queries and escalations that will come your way during the day and often best laid plans take a back seat.

I typically get over 200 emails per day – 50% are incident notifications or management reports that are quick to process but necessary to review to ensure quality and that none escalate into larger problems. The other 100+ emails are across numerous customers, numerous services  and you find yourself switching on the fly.

But it’s this varied workload and working under pressure that makes you deliver your best and keeps you fresh, rather than doing the same thing 9 to 5 each day.


The ideal candidate must thrive under pressure and varied requests.

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