Ben Stead


Role: Apprentice Sales Executive

Sport and fitness are a big part of my life; I train for triathlon, so I try to go swimming, cycling and running each week. Keeping fit helps me focus when I’m at work and keeps me motivated in general.
I like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors and tend to go for holidays in hilly or mountainous places. Fitness and the outdoors often feature when I’m away, and I’ll go for a big run in the hills.

My other main interest is music. I play acoustic guitar and enjoy it for relaxation.

Before joining Redcentric I had a business running fitness training and outdoor trips going hiking and climbing. This was rewarding work, but it’s difficult to grow a business in this industry to the level that I ultimately wanted, so I started researching other options.

I happened to work with Redcentric when I led some of their employees on a hiking challenge and I found out about the apprenticeship scheme from speaking with the group. I got on well with the individuals I talked to, and I was impressed with how they described the scheme, so I asked to find out more.

It feels to me like being in IT puts me at the forefront of what’s important and relevant for the future: to overcome the world’s biggest challenges we will need excellent communications networks and the ability to handle and transfer massive amounts of data. I’m excited to be in the thick of that.

IT sales requires a wide range of well-honed skills, and I’m excited to be on the journey to developing them. I’ll need technical product knowledge, advanced communication skills and time management just to name a few; these are skills that really increase my professional value.

I’m aiming to progress within Redcentric. I don’t know exactly which route my sales career might take yet, but I want to reach the stage where I’m managing complex deals that have a real impact on the UK business landscape.

We’re given time during the week for our college lessons and course work, and personal commitments are taken into account on an individual level. This makes the apprenticeship a really sustainable situation for me where I can learn the industry thoroughly while enjoying a good work/life balance.

IT sales is a growing job sector and Redcentric are offering the best foot in the door that you could hope for. If you’re serious about making that commitment to your career, then I’d absolutely go for it.


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