Suzanne Hullah

Role: Customer Services Manager

When did you start at Redcentric? November 2018


A whirlwind – but the good kind. Joining Redcentric as a manager from an external position has meant I took on an already established team and with that a steep learning curve.


The people – the ones I work closely with are a great set of personalities. They support me in my role, help me when I reach out, feedback on processes I introduce helping to continually improve our service to our customers.

Busy, hectic – sometimes even chaotic – but rewarding. It’s great to receive feedback thanking you for your involvement in a ticket that needed some extra attention or seeing someone you hired promote up into the next team.

You can’t plan day to day activities as much as you try, because the nature of support means a curveball can pop up at any time and need your full attention.


First impressions are everything – you may not have all the required skills for the role, but a manager may see your potential if they can see effort has been made.

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