Isabelle Merer

Role: Programme Co-ordinator
How long at Redcentric? 5 years (& 4 months)


Unpredictable – In a good way!

I started on the Redcentric Service Desk with no technical knowledge and no idea what I wanted to do long term. After 8 months I was encouraged to pursue a role in Incident Management which led to Managing the Service Desk. At the beginning of 2019 I was asked to help with co-ordinating the YHPSN programme which has led me into new challenges within the Projects Delivery Team (in my sixth role at Redcentric!)


I think the flexibility of the organisation is great – there are plenty of solid steadfast career paths in Redcentric, but if you enjoy learning new skills and changing paces there is always something new to sink your teeth into!


I usually start my day by reporting on our progress in projects delivery versus forecast, which I deliver to key stakeholders within the business.

After that, my days can vary! Usually I find a part of my day is dedicated to co-ordinating resource for Project Managers, but I could be doing ad hoc reports, auditing, or working directly with customers.


You’re in work for a majority of your life, so find a career you enjoy and remember;

there is no law that says you can’t change your mind!

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