Anthony Haley


Role: Apprentice Client Account Manager

I am from Bradford. I did school and A levels in 6th form, then went to Australia travelling for 7 months, then to Uni to study Business and Finance at Manchester Met Business School. After that I went to live in Granada, Spain for 6 months as I wanted to learn Spanish.

At 24 I started a career as an Account Manager and wine sommelier in the hospitality sector. I then worked for Molson Coors Brewer for 5 years.

At the ripe old age of 36 Kieran recruited me and I started a career in the world of Telecoms and Tech. I had no experience, but I trained on the job and have now joined the Apprenticeship for the IT Technical Sales Person while I work as a Client Account Manager at Redcentric.

I was in a previous role at Gamma for 18 months. On joining Redcentric, Kieran introduced me to the apprenticeship and invited me to register for it.

Because I am relatively new to tech, this has been an excellent way to learn about the products and services we provide and the wider industry.

I hope to improve my knowledge of the industry and Redcentric and therefore be a more rounded and successful Account Manager and employee.

The ever changing and evolving technology and landscape of tech excites me and the fact that technology played a key role in getting this country and indeed the world through a global pandemic. For example, it facilitated remote working, reducing the spread and therefore the effect and death rate of the virus.

To further my career at Redcentric and become a trusted adviser to key businesses that we supply.

It fits as Redcentric has agreed and facilitated my ability to learn on the course by freeing up 20% of my time to carry out the projects and face-to-face learning at college that is required.

One hundred percent, I’d take up the opportunity if offered. It will play an invaluable part of your learning and development in this industry and your career. This is not a Redcentric qualification but rather a qualification that you can take with you through your professional life, wherever that may take you.


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