Artwell Matiza


Role: IT Systems Engineer

When did you start at Redcentric? January 2020

It took me 4 months before I accepted a role at Redcentric and since joining the only regret I have always had is for not joining when I was first asked to join. I have enjoyed working at Redcentric even though I started working here 6 weeks before we went into lockdown. As a new starter it was a bit daunting to have to start working from home on my own before I had mastered much about the systems and most of the things that I needed to know about my role but thank you to a very supportive team that I work with. The team spirit is amazing I can’t ask for any other team to work with.

The best thing about working at Redcentric are the people that work here. The work culture is superb and for me its more about working with people that appreciate what I do. We work hard and laugh hard when we can. The management is very focused, and they listen to their staff which is very important.

No day is the same as the one before in my role. I interact with many people within the business and every day I speak to someone different which makes my days very enjoyable.

If you find a role that you qualify for and you are confident that you will be the right fit for it don’t hesitate to apply. Once you start you won’t regret anything.

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